Spongepot - 48 tray - All in one germination kit

Easy repotting

Due to the organic bonding of the peat and coconut mix, the sponges will not disintegrate when you repot them. This keeps the root system intact and your seedlings will continue to grow faster and better after repotting.

Suitable for all types of seeds

Spongepot is suitable for germinating all types of seeds, such as herbs, vegetables, flowers and plants, as long as they fit in the Spongepot.

Organic germination

The included soil enhancer is a mixture of beneficial soil bacteria and fungi that promote the growth of a healthy root system. Just like in nature, your plants will be less susceptible to insect pests and plant diseases.

Ideal air-moisture balance

The Spongepots are packaged moist and thus retain their airy structure, which allows the roots to grow easily. Due to this airy structure and the added coconut soil an optimal air-moisture ratio is created; this ensures the young germs will not be over-watered quickly.


Germinating with Spongepot is very simple. However, it is important to use the Spongepot products according to our instructions.

Follow the 6 steps below (and from the video) for an optimal germination process.

Step 1
Dissolve the supplied bacto in 1 liter of water
Step 2
Water the Spongepots with this solution
Step 3
Drain the excess water
Step 4
Plant 1 seed per Spongepot 3 to 5 mm deep
Step 5
Place the Spongepot in an area between 22 and 26℃, this is the best germinate temperature
Step 6
After 3 to 7 days your seed will have germinated and you can transfer the sprout with the sponge to a pot with potting soil
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